Emil Petrinić

I am a creative problem solver who uses design thinking, illustration skills and my knowledge of technology and engineering to create product and environment solutions.

I don't think of design as just making things beautiful. I’m interested in inventing new products and solutions. The way something (whether an object, machine, or entire system) works and how it was produced fascinates me and I never tire of learning and trying to understand the entirety of a problem.

Good design is a series of good decisions. Those good decisions are made while considering the functionality, engineering, form factor development, supply chain management, color, surface finish and packaging. It's important to consider and understand the entire process, if at all possible. No aspect of the creation process exists in a vacuum.

Specialties: Product design, product conceptualization, prototyping, model making, design research, concept design, illustration, Adobe Suite, 3D Modeling, web design, research, writing, editing. Partners: Inventors, engineers, makers, designers, animators, photographers, product designers, environmental engineers, and creatives.