First version of a "backpack drone" I designed while working on Futuredude Entertainment film and television projects. It had to be relatively large and long range for various story purposes, but also the right size to be worn on a character's back when not in use. It would also be capable of taking off vertically (and hovering), but also switching to long-range cruise configuration. The skin was also meant to serve as solar power paneling. It was also a bit inspired by manta rays.

The wings and tail expand via inflatible central spars.

Some of the references/inspirations I considered while designing this.

Project imageProject imageProject image

Dimensions of the drone in stowed configuration as worn on a character's back.

Project imageProject image

With engines in lift/hover orientation.

Project image

Cruising configuration.

Project imageProject image

Ultimately the director decided he preferred a simple geometric shape. That later version can be seen here.