Second version of a "backpack drone" I designed while working on Futuredude Entertainment film and television projects. The earlier version can be seen here. It had to be relatively large and long range for various story purposes, but also the right size to be worn on a character's back when not in use. It would also be capable of taking off vertically (and hovering), but also switching to long-range cruise configuration. The lifting-body shape would make it reasonably plausible this shape could have long range flight capabilities.

Front views, lift vs cruise mode.

Project imageProject image

Cruising configuration.

Project imageProject image

Lift/hover configuration. The topside cutouts are handling handholds. The four round holes on the bottom are attachment for straps when it is carried as a "backpack".

Project imageProject image

Maneuvering with help from tilting "wingtips".

Project image