In 2009 a new Smithsonian-affiliated institution was under construction in Panama, the Frank Gehry designed “Biomuseo”. Because of their extensive creature work experience, Gentle Giant was one of the vendors invited to submit proposals for the centerpiece of the museum, a "Worlds Collide" hall symbolizing the migration and evolution of ancient mammals between North and South America.

I was working at Archangel Studios at the time and Gentle Giant subcontracted us to create their proposal. I designed and rendered the architectural/environmental elements (a large double spiral ramp reminiscent of DNA coming closer toward the top with water cascading down from the ramp endings), Christian Gossett designed and drew the sculptural elements; the migrating animals.

Project image

Gentle Giant considered the first proposal too bold and expansive and asked us for a significantly more modest version. We sent in this, a single stepped ramp with a procession of mammals from more ancient at the bottom with more recent forms toward the top.

Project image

Ultimately the client sent in an even more conservative version, and the contract was awarded to another vendor.

Both above drawings by Christian Gossett.