20111 Emil Petrinić - Daedalus Platform



When Futuredude Entertainment proceeded to develop their comic 'Venus' into a motion picture, I was tasked with updating and detailing various aspects of the existing designs, as well as designing new sets, vehicles and props for the project.

The centerpiece of the plot is the Daedalus Platform, an aerial base supported by four large helium balloons and meant for exploring Venus' atmosphere. My first task was updating this design, as well as adding more technically plausible details. Part of that was also redesigning the Orbital Return Vehicle rocket in the middle of it and working out a technically plausible way for it to be used.

The platform was originally designed by Jeffrey Morris and comic artist Chaz Truog. Here it is as first seen in the comic, in stowed form entering the atmosphere with a heat shield attached, then deploying parachutes and dropping it.

Project imageProject image

Here is my version of the platform stowed behind its (inflatible) atmospheric entry aeroshell.

Project imageProject image
Project image

Here is the deployed and inflated platform as seen in the comic.

Project imageProject image

And here is my version.

Project image Project image

That inner "donut" and orbital return rocket in the middle also house a number of sets, which I designed. But more on that elsewhere on this site.