In 2010 the Jabbawockeez dance troupe was preparing for their first big Vegas show, 'Mus.i.c' at the MGM Grand hotel's Hollywood Theater.

The Jabbawockeez and their tech support team had the idea to use multiple projectors to 3D project animations onto a giant replica of the iconic mask they wear. The mask form being projected on was matte black, which in combination with the stage lighting design would result in an illusion of a mask floating in mid air and appearing and vanishing as needed.

I 3D modeled the mask based on a handful of low quality cellphone photos I received - the deadline was so short these were from the back of the truck taking it to the warehouse rehearsal space. Using that model I then animated several effects, two of which were used in performances (a shatter and the mask mechanically assembling itself).

Project imageProject image

3D projection onto objects and buildings is relatively common now; it was brand new and cutting edge then. The engineers and programmers I worked with were creating the technology and software on the spot. The effect was ultimately very successful; the Jabbawockeez used it in a number of performances beyond their now permanent Vegas show.

Project image Project image