MobileSpa was a concept by enterpreneur Cebuan del La Rochette for, well, a mobile spa on wheels. Other than being capable of providing assorted basic spa services and selling related products, the vehicle would also include as many sustainable materials and green technologies as possible. It was my task to perform research for various aspects of the vehicle and related technologies and materials, design the interior and exterior as needed, and eventually communicate with the manufacturer.

This was the Second Phase of the project. After a year of feedback from various interested parties, Ms. de La Rochette returned with a conclusion; the original RV would simply be impractical for busy environments such as areas adjacent to large office complexes, a prime source of stressed potential clients.

Another new consideration was, could we find a suitable electic vehicle to add to the appeal of the concept? I went on a new round of research.

Ultimately I found a suiable candidate, the Newton electric truck manufactured by [the now sadly defunct] Smith Electric Vehicles. Adding to the appeal was the fact that the manufacturer was represented in both the UK (where the client was based) and the US. Here is some information on the basic Newton truck.

Project image

Next, I built a 3D model of the basic Newton.

Project imageProject image

After consultation with engineers at the manufacturers about various technologies we may be able to include, as well as issues such as the maximum practical height and needing capabilities such as an expandable side compartment, I proceeded to build out the MobileSpa version of the Newton.

Here it is in travel mode...

Project imageProject image

...and deployed for use on location.

Project imageProject image

Finally, illustrating some of the technical aspects of this version of the MobileSpa.

Project image

Unfortunately, shortly after this there was a serious economic crash and the MobileSpa trucks were ultimately not built. Still, it was close enough that we had serious discussions with the truck manufacturer, and it was a great experience in an entire cycle of creating a vehicle-based system, from basic research all the way to material and technology sourcing and consultations with manufacturer engineers.